Monday, May 7, 2012

On the fundraising front . . .

This weekend turned out to great weekend for me on the fundraising side of things. I wearily started out Saturday morning before the sun came up to join the GTCC yard sale in Jamestown. It turned out to be a great investment. After spending a full week gathering items from multiple households, cleaning and pricing things with much help (thanks Cindy and Mom!) - I headed off with a trailer and carload full of treasures to unload onto someone else. After much ado to get across town with coffee in hand and a friend eagerly awaiting my arrival (note the sarcasm font), we unloaded and had things selling before they barely made it out of the car! It was a great morning that turned out a profit of $215! Jenn you're a rockstar for getting up so early and entertaining me!
After that great adventure on Saturday (and a nap on the couch), I quickly shifted gears to cleaning and setting up for a relaxing spa fundraiser. Thanks to consultant Deborah Hunt for her expertise in BeautiControl. We had a small gathering of family and friends to check out the new margarita products. They smelled so good you just wanted to imagine yourself on the beach soaking up the sun. After all the pampering was finished, Deborah made a $50 donation from all the sales. I can't share enough thank yous to those who continue to support and encourage me. I continue to be blessed by so many surrounding me and uplifting my efforts. Thank you as we all continue to fight to find a cure! Happy stepping! Valerie

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Training

It's been awhile since I joined back in the blogging fun. Jules took off for Seattle, we met up in Atlanta and somewhere in between we continued meeting some more amazing Pink People!! So we are back at it again for a new city and an old favorite. This year we hope Chicago will welcome us with good weather to walk in August and Atlanta will keep us humble as we crew and work all hours in October.

I am continuously honored by my survivors through their unconditional generosity and support. I have to share one with you. She smiles at me daily down the hall and supports me with her words telling me how amazing it is that I walk such distances. This has been another rebuilding year of sorts for her (literally and she looks fabulous!!!) She isn't made of money. She has a family to help support and yet she just gave me a gift card to help with getting a new pair of shoes for training. Now of course I'm all weepy, happily weepy no doubt.

My point being, I worry about the fundraising and the training and staying healthy and traveling and I constantly have my pink peeps on my mind - survivors, angels, fellow walkers, fellow crew, friends and family who help out. I never know how it will turn out until all the money is counted and my bags are packed, zipped and labeled with my name and tent number. I worry until glimpses of hope walk through my door and lift me up to say, take this, walk for me because I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

Julie, I'm borrowing your words: I am pro-cure. I walk for a future without breast cancer. I walk because I am able. I walk to support women and men like this who offer all they are in return for a healthy life.

Here's to a healthy 2012 training season!