Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Pic Friday -Unfinished Fundraiser Quilt


This is just the top. I looks done, but anyone who's ever made a quilt knows that there's still a lot left to do once the top is done. I wish someone had told me that before I jumped into the project!! Now, I do have to say that I made 2 tops, and one actually did become a finished quilt. But this one, well...

I'd like to finish it. But where to find the time? I was able to do one last year because I wasn't training as much. I did a decent job (as first quilts go), but I'm not so sure it was worth the trade-off with all those training miles. I'm pretty sure DC would have been an even better walk without my blisters.

So this year, no finished quilt, but I have logged well over 135 training miles. And something tells me that I'm going to be better off because of it. ...I'll let you know for sure come November when I'm done walking Tampa.

The time will come when I finish this quilt. And hopefully many more. But for right now, training for this walk and curing breast cancer are just gonna have to come first.

Until next time, Happy walking!

Be blessed-

Sunday, August 1, 2010

ITP Training Walk

This weekend, I had the pleasure of going on a training walk with @kscincotta.  The plan for 10 miles turned into 11.5, but you won't hear any complaints out of me.  Kristen is not only a wonderful training walk buddy, she knows her way around some great walking spots in Atlanta.  Our walk took us in a figure-eight sort of path, with  her place as the center of where the two loops met.  I took a few pictures along the way and wanted to share the beauty of this fair city.  I honestly have no idea what or where some of these things, are.  I'll have to pass the baton to Kristen to help me out there.  But I am sure of this: It's ITP Atlanta.

City Views
A pretty view of the city-scape
Peachtree Art
A group of statues along Peachtree
Piedmont Park Lamp post
This emblem was on a lamp post just outside Piedmont Park.  Neither Kristen nor I had any idea what it was about.  Thanks to Flags of the World, I found out that this emblem is actually on the Atlanta City flag.  It depicts a phoenix rising from the ashes and the inscription "Resurgens 1847-1865".  "Resurgens" means "rising again" and the first date is the year the city's 1st charter was granted and the second date signifies the year of the "beginning of the city's rehabilitation after its destruction by the Federal armies in 1864." (Atlanta City Ordinance 52-102 (825))
I love a sense of humor
I love a sign with a sense of humor.

Before I'm done, I just have to give a really big "Thanks!" to Kristen.  She not only joined me for a 11+ mile walk, she showed this suburbanite the charms and beauty that my nearby city has to offer.  I am always SO lost when I go inside the perimeter, and I still have very little idea where I was without looking at my walk map, but this little taste makes me want to go back (and soon!) to explore some more.

Happy walking!