Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Convenience Factor

Team Two Chicks is walking Tampa Bay, FL this year.  Last year we walked Washington, DC.  As you know from Val's previous post, we met during our personal inaugural walks in Atlanta, GA.

Just so you know, Val lives in NC, and I live in GA.  Obviously Atlanta was the convenient choice for my first walk, and Val has her personal reasons for why Atlanta may have been her most convenient for her first walk, as well.  But DC?  And now Tampa?  You might be thinking, "Two Chicks.  What's up with the constant change in venue?"

I typically joke that if the 3-Day folks are going to be in 15 cities, then I might as well try them all out before deciding on which one I like best.

But here's the thing:  
Walking in a different city each year, and walking in a city that's not's not convenient.  

And then here's the kicker:  
Neither is having Breast Cancer. 

It's not convenient to wait in fear for a diagnosis.
It's not convenient to be faced with the whirlwind of doctor visits.
It's not convenient to have to tell your children and your friends and yourself that something is going really wrong in your body.
It's not convenient to receive treatment and deal with the side effects.  And the list could go on and on, right?  None of it is convenient.  None of it is simple or easy or welcomed.  

The inconvenience of driving to a different city, figuring out where to stay, how to get to the walk, how much it'll cost, who will watch Niblette...that is all peanuts compared to what I'm out there fighting for.  This isn't an inconvenience.  It's a gift!  I am lucky...I am blessed.  

So while others may look at me funny and wonder why I don't do the easy thing and just walk where I live every year, my reply is that we don't all get to choose to do the easy, convenient thing.  And because some people don't have that choice, the least I can do is choose to add a couple minor "inconveniences" to my life to honor theirs.   I am honored to walk, wherever I can, each and every year, until a cure is found.  Because a that would be convenient.

Until next time,

I invite you to throw your hat into the "minor inconvenience" ring.  Please consider skipping your morning coffees for a week, putting spare change into a coin jar, packing a lunch instead of going out...and then make a donation to the Two Chicks.  Donate to Julie   Donate to Val


  1. Here, here! Lovely post, Julie.

  2. I think the DC walk sounds AWESOME, so I'm hoping that it works out that I'll get to walk there next year. I'm really looking forward to walking in Boston this year after two years here in Atlanta.

  3. Convenient? Anyone who knows me, knows I don't necessarily do the convenient thing. Taking five days off, having my parents drive me like a princess to and from my first walk in Atlanta and visiting my brother and sister-in-law - now that was all convenient. Getting rained on for two hours before I ever started 60 miles - not so convenient. Not so big of an issue when honoring, supporting and memorializing those who have fought, are still fighting and who have lost the battle to breast cancer. Oh, I still get the funny looks - you are going where, to do what? You know, they have one of those things in Charlotte (only an hour and a half away). Momma never said I did things the easy way. Go hard or stay home, so Tampa here we come! I too walk because I am able and honored by those who continue sharing their stories with me.