Friday, April 9, 2010

Julie- Why I Walk

Meet Niblette (center front)

As we go further along in this here project, it's also quite likely I'll also refer to her as "E".  Four years ago, my life was changed with the arrival of this little breath of heaven.  A lot has happened in four years, but that fact that I have been given the task of raising this little girl, keeping her happy and healthy, teaching her about love and how to explore her faith and the world around's a pretty big task.  

Before Niblette came into my life I had participated in a couple Race for the Cures and I faithfully bought the Breast Cancer postage stamps, but I had never taken any truly bold steps.  I'm not really a "do things on my own" kinda girl when it comes to events like Race for the Cure.  I want to do it with a group, or not do it at all.  But one day...

One day I was folding laundry and listening to the radio and the ad came on for the Atlanta Breast Cancer 3-Day.  And something told me, "You have got to do this."  

So the next day I went online.  And shortly after, I was at a Get Started Meeting.  And at that meeting, I registered for the 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day in Atlanta, GA. 

I don't have lists of friends or family that I know who are battling, living with, or have lost their lives to breast cancer.  I am so thankful every day that I don't, because I know that there are so many who do.  But I have a daughter.  And I have a mother, and I have myself.  I have friends and family, neighbors and strangers, and we all have one thing in common: for the women in that this country...1 in 8 of us will hear the words, "You have breast cancer."  And each one of those women is one too many.  And why are so many of us as risk?  Because we have breasts.  And because we are aging.  No one is immune.  Not me.  Not my mother.  Not my daughter.

So why do I walk?
I walk so the statistic can go from 1 in 8 to 1 in 800, then 1 in 8,000, then 0. 

I walk to raise money and awareness for an organization committed to not only finding a cure, but also educating and empowering women to take a stand and fight for our bodies.

I walk for Niblette.  For her future, and the future of her friends and children.

I walk because I can.  Because I am able.  Because I cannot stop walking until a cure is found.  

I walk because doing nothing is NOT an option.

Please join me in this epic adventure.  Donate now.  Or sign up to walk the 3-Day yourself.  Or just click to learn how Susan G. Komen for the Cure is working for you.

Be Blessed!  Until next time...


  1. I didn't realize you walked in Atlanta in 2008! So did I! It was soo cold that first day! Is that where the photo is from at the bottom of the post?

    Niblette's a cutie!

    ~ Kristen

  2. Kristen-
    Yup! Val and I both walked Atlanta in ' was our first walk, and actually where we met. ...note to self: blog post about how Two Chicks came to be! :-)

    Ugh...that first cold. So wet. That strange office building maze we were moved into...what an experience!

    The pic on the bottom of the post is actually from our DC '09 walk.

    Thanks for the Niblette love. She is my sunshine! :-)

  3. Such a miserable first day! Lunch was THE WORST. The sky opened up on us just as my teammate and I got there. We got lucky in the office maze though - we got one of the small private offices to share with two other ladies, right across from a kitchenette to use as a bathroom.

  4. I can relate to this post - I too felt the tug of something inside me saying "You've got to do this!". I'm doing my first 3-day in DC in October - and have just started training. I don't really know what I'm doing, but am an avid blog reader - will add yours to my "follow" list! Hope you'll drop by and visit mine sometime too...

  5. Kristen-
    I am SO jealous. We, too, were in a private office, but it was 6 of us (and all our assorted stuffs) shoved in there. Good times! But Thankfully we were right around the corner from a bathroom. All I remember about that night was finally getting on a bus from camp (a whole other story...ugh!) and then trying to find the office we were sleeping in. What a mess! But great memories...I wouldn't trade them for anything.

    Welcome to the 3 Day! And to the Two Chicks blog! I've followed yours, can't wait to see how these days and months pan out as we all head toward our walks. Where are you walking?

  6. We actually ended up in the bus line behind the crew guys that were responsible for our gear. We chatted with them for a long time and they ended up taking special care of our gear bags so they didn't get wet or dirty or anything!

    Definitely agreed about the good memories though! We felt like we really earned our 3 Day stripes that day.

    ~ Kristen