Monday, October 4, 2010

Yikes . . . has a month really gone by?

26 DAYS!!! Yikes and all that!! 26 days until we walk. 26 days to collect $1200. 26 days until I see my long-time walking friend with whom I set out each year to solve all the world's problems in 3 days or less because we sure don't solve ours but we laugh a lot trying!! 26 days until I get to listen to Tinker Bell and the Fairy movie over and over and hope that your precious little girl loves it as much as I love giving it to her. 26 days until we see the Florida coast and wonder - what the heck were we thinking once again!?!? 27 days until I tell you I can't believe you talked me into this again (with a huge grin on my face and loving every minute of it despite what my body is telling me). 26 days until that first uncrustable and package of string cheese that sucks us in and keeps us snacking non-stop for 3 days. 26 days until we see what we believe at the time to be the largest sea of pink we've ever seen and don't believe we can take it all in during the opening ceremony. 26 days until that first flag raises to remind us who we remember, who we honor, and why we walk towards our future fighting every step of the way. 26 days until the bass of the music thumps so loudly you can't stand still and the energy of those around you carry you the first 20 miles. 26 days until that dry chicken sandwich for lunch and Mueller's pasta dinner; neither mattering much because we danced the first 10 miles at all the crosswalks and are ready to collapse into the hot shower after the second 10 miles. 26 days until we bring yearlong efforts all together for 3 days to culminate in an indescribable celebration only known and truly understood by those who have seen it or experienced it. 3 days. 60 miles. $2,300. I find myself in awe once again as that time draws near. The thousands of people. The cheering. The excitement. The fellowship. The smiles. The laughter. The tears. It's one big pink roller coaster on tennis shoes! Grab your sunscreen Jules!!

In the meantime, since my bags aren't quite packed yet - some of my weekend adventures gave me a hint of the pink fever. This past weekend Cindy and I walked the Women's Only 5K Walk here in Greensboro, NC. Quite exciting to see the turnout. It's obviously not as far as the 3 Day but venders, pink people, teams, supporters and there was even a small bicycle team as road support! Keep the warm wishes coming and feel free to throw your spare change this way.
Keep on truckin!

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